inc03The challenges for government in the 21st century are immense. They more than any bureaucracy are mired in legacy services, technologies and policies designed to keep citizens at an arm’s length. Yet the pressure is on to connect to citizens and deliver services that are more akin to those they have become accustomed to in the private sector – mobile, personal and efficient. Governments who have taken the challenge to design citizen-centric experiences have been pleasantly surprised to find that beyond making their customers happier, their efforts have yielded both lower costs and higher trust in their services.

Inceodia helps government agencies harness the innovative power of their greatest asset – their passionate, committed employees – to deliver delightful experiences to their citizens. We lead clients through lean process design efforts with customer observation at the heart, focusing teams on problem solving for their citizens rather than creating more bureaucracy. We bring the science of social marketing to bear so that they can measure the impact of their efforts and the depth of their connection with citizens. And we engage their partner organizations to co-create delightful service experiences that engage employees to fulfill their desire to serve.

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